Refinishing is the process of removing most of your current finish of your furniture, millwork or cabinets and apply coatings that leave your project looking brand new with a superior facatory new finish that the manufacturers simply do not provide. Feel free to change your furniture or cabinets to any of our 8000+ colours of your choice in any finish you choose whether its matte, satin, semi gloss or full gloss.

We can also restore the current look of your furniture, millwork or cabinets. Whichever suits the rest of your décor.

This is dependent on the service we are providing. On-site spray service for applications such as built-in shelving, bars, fireplaces and similar can take up to 2 business days on average. Furniture projects can take up to 3 business days on average. Kitchen cabinet refinishing projects can take up to 10 business days on average.

Compared to a typical renovation, our methods are the least bit obstructive. With on site spray jobs such as fireplaces, bars etc., masking is usually up for only 1.5 business days. We also setup the masking where you are given easy access in the event when access is required. For furniture refinishing, the items are temporarily relocated to our shop. For cabinet refinishing projects, the doors and drawers are taken back to our shop and the kitchen is left in the same functioning state until the project is complete.

Yes! KAZA Refinishing is fully insured. Please contact us if you require a proof of certificate for landlords, superintendents, contractors etc.

KAZA Refinishing has been around for over a decade focusing on 3 things.

  1. Formulating the perfect process and most durable factory new finish.
  2. Offering the best and longest living warranty possible.
  3. Keeping the prices for customers painting and refinishing projects as low as possible.

We weren’t willing to cut corners on our quality materials, skilled labour or our process to make all three happen, so the only other thing we had to compromise is our facility and the company vehicles we drive.

While, we do have top of the line paint spray and prepping equipment and machinery including our fully licensed paint spray booth, our smaller shop might seem underwhelming on the outside, but we are arguably the most well equipped painting and refinishing shop in the Golden Horseshoe on the inside. We keep our overhead low, which keeps your prices as low as possible.

It’s one of the key reasons why we are able to honour our “Best Price Guarantee”.

It’s one of the key reasons why we are able to honour our “Best Price Guarantee”.

We are a family run business, we have a small but very nimble team and every member of the KAZA family is friendly, personable, accommodating, educated and highly skilled.

To answer this question, first we need to understand how coating curation works in terms of its volume. In a nutshell, the more coatings you have, the less the coating can cure due to its volume, while less and thinner coats will cure much better and harder, however, coverage would also be an issue in this situation. This is a balancing act that we have perfected for all of our projects.

On average, we use 3 – 5 coats of primer and paint or top coat combined.

Most of our products are low VOC and will not emit harmful odours in your home.

We accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, Email Money Transfer, and Certified Cheques.

Step 1: Label all cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware, label all cabinetry components and fill out our specifications document for order accuracy.

Step 2: Degrease and then wash all cabinets

Step 3: Tape and Mask kitchen entrances, surfaces, walls and appliances for on site painting and spraying

Step 4: Sand all doors and drawers back and front as well as all on site surfaces at various grits

Step 5: patch cracks and damages on cabinet doors, drawers, cabinet boxes and trim

Step 6: Apply primer coatings to all surfaces to on site cabinet boxes and trim, and doors & drawers in our shop

Step 7: Sand all primed surfaces at various grits

Step 8:  Apply caulking to cabinet doors, on site boxes and trim for a perfect finished look

Step 9:  Apply all top coatings to all of the cabinet doors, drawers, on site cabinet boxes and trim. Sanding with various grits in between coatings also takes places in this step

Step 10: Unmask, and clean up the on site portion of the cabinet refinishing project

Step 11: Wrap cabinet doors and drawers in our shop, deliver and install

Do you service my area?

We service all the following areas:

* Ancaster

* Beamsville

* Binbrook

* Brampton

* Burlington

* Burford

* Brantford

* Caledonia

* Clarkson

* Cambridge

* Dundas

* Dunnville

* Etobicoke

* Erindale

* Fontnill

* Georgetown

* Galt

* Grimsby

* Halton Hills

* Halton Region

* Hamilton

* Hagersville

* Kitchener

* King

* Lincoln

* Long Branch

* Maple

* Milton

* Mississauga

* Mimico

* Mount Hope

* Niagara Falls

* Niagara on the lake

* Oakville

* Peel Region

* Port credit

* Pelham

* Port Colborne

* Rexdale

* Simcoe

* Stoney creek

* Smithville

* Streetsville

* St Catharines

* Thorold

* Waterdown

* Welland

* Waterloo

* York

Any everywhere in-between.

We believe that the main reason that most customers choose Kaza Refinishing for the cabinet painting and Refinishing is because of our knowledge on the chemistry and knowledge of the process.

Very commonly, most companies simply choose one weapon of choice. That choice is usually a lacquer. Now, lacquer is great, but for only certain circumstances, so this is why we have a wide array of paints or top-coating systems that will accommodate any refinishing project for your cabinets, stairs, furniture and other built in woodwork such as shelving, fireplaces, doors, trim and more. Our products are low VOC and regulated for the use in a residential home.

Absolutely! It is always very important for us to develop a relationship with our customers first and foremost. It helps us discover their goals for their project. Free in home consultations also allow us to see the physical scope of work required for your project to quote accurately and competitively.