Want a cost-effective way to revive that old everyday piece of furniture or family heirloom? Ask our experts!

With a warranty not even the manufacturers would ever include from their high volume operation, look no further! Given our expertise, attention to detail and years of experience, we can help you choose the right color and sheen for any material that your piece might be made of. We understand the importance of moving away from being a throw-away society and therefore, we are happy reward this way of thinking with our Best Price Guarantee. We want to bring your pieces back to a brand-new state in an updated color and finish to compliment your current or newly remodeled room. Like all of our painting and refinishing projects, each piece is thoroughly degreased and scrubbed, patched, sanded at various sand paper grits throughout the process. We apply 3- 5 coats of primer and paint or top coat using one of the best spray systems and spray booth on the market. We take your previously loved piece and give it some TLC to make sure you can continue to love it for years to come.