Spending tens of thousands of dollars to completely replace kitchen cabinets simply isn’t practical these days when you can have your existing cabinets professionally cleaned, repaired, and refinished to a factory-new finish with any color of your choice. Why buy completely new cabinets, when you can renew your existing cabinets to a factory new state for a fraction of the cost?

Our refinishing services guarantee that your cabinets will have a factory new finish while saving you up to 90% of the typical kitchen renovation costs as opposed to buying a brand-new set of kitchen cabinets. It will save you all that extra time and daily disruption of your household a typical kitchen cabinet replacement would take. As a small family business, we do not outsource any of the refinishing steps or onsite work to contractors or freelancers as many of our friends/competitors do. This means our own highly-trained experts do all of the tear downs, on-site refinishing, and installations – so you can have peace of mind that you are getting consistent quality service from seasoned professionals who do this every day!